Amman, Jordan

Amman, Jordan

Battery Dance Company worked and performed here in 2004.


  • March 23-27, 2004


  • US Embassy Jordan


  • Ahliyya School

    Program Specifics

  • 2 Mater Classes with 50 young ballet and modern students from Amman.
  • 1 BDC Performance to 300 students from the Ahliyya School.


  • Ahliyya School

  • Security

    Battery Dance had to cancel two of their major performances due to breaking events in Amman. However, this did not discourage them from providing masterclasses, in order to give local dance students the opportunity to learn and connect with American Artists.

    Jordan hosted 11 members of New York's Battery Dance Company (BDC) for performances and workshops March 23-27, 2004. Although breaking events (the assassination of Sheikh Yassin by Israeli forces) precipitated widespread agitation in Amman and led to the cancellation of two major performances for security reasons, the BDC members distinguished themselves by their openness and willingness to engage with the Jordanian public of all ages and backgrounds.

    The group conducted two very successful master classes with approximately 50 young ballet and modern dance students, while the musicians led a workshop with 25 mostly elementary school students drawn from schools in Amman.

    In one of the most stimulating events, five of the dancers presented solo and duo modern dance routines to a rapt audience over 300 teenager girls at the Ahliyya School in downtown Amman, followed by a spirited discussion of the role of art in modern life and the importance of bridging cultures and backgrounds to reach the universality of the human spirit. The group integrated easily with local artists, musicians and dancers, sharing in after hours activities with them and trading emails for follow-up. At the one full matinee performance BDC was able to get approved by RSO and the Amman Municipality, and drew in an audience of over 200 people who had been contacted individually by phone from the PA offices, with only 18-36 hours notice. Local co-sponsors report that ticket sales were headed for a full sell-out before the plug was pulled, while Embassy phone lines were clogged with disappointed invitees and ticket holders who couldn't believe the show had been cancelled.