Sfax, Tunisia

Sfax, Tunisia

Battery Dance Company worked and performed here in 2004.


  • March 17-24,2004


  • U.S. Embassy Tunisia


    • National Circus School of Tunisia
    • Modern Dance Company of Syhem Belhoja

    Project Specifics

  • Press Conference With Battery Dance Company and Local Tunisians
  • BDC Performance at the Municipal Theatre Sfax to 350 people
  • Question and Answer Session With BDC Director, Jonathan Hollander


  • Municipal Theater, Tunisia

  • In Sfax, Battery Dance Company performed for around 350 people at the Municipal Theatre, as the first event celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the theater. The crowd was again largely young, and they whistled, clapped and stomped their approval. The excitement generated by the group was captured in one article with the headline (in English) "Go, Go, Go!" that reviewed their performance.

    Several told PA afterward they had never seen anything like it. The size of the audience in Sfax was noteworthy in that BDC performed on a Sunday during a national holiday. The response of audiences to the group was fabulous. For example, in Sfax, just announcing that the group was coming from New York City produced applause.

    In Sfax some of the musicians with the group led to BDC holding a workshop with 25 students at the Higher Institute of Music.

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    Sfax, Tunisia
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