Three Decades of Cultural Diplomacy through Dance

New York, United States

About Battery Dance

For nearly three decades, New York based Battery Dance Company has represented the U.S. overseas and has developed multi-layered and often bilateral international cultural engagement programs in the realm of dance and the performing arts.

We recommend listening to Jonathan Hollander's oral history of Battery Dance company from a radio interview he gave at a recent trip to Malaysia here.

Battery Dance Company introduced a creative workshop process for youth in Germany in 2006 that has since been named Dancing to Connect. DtC programs have since spread nationally across Germany, Asia, Africa and at home in the U.S.

In 70 countries throughout the world, Battery Dance Company has built partnerships with dance artists, musicians, arts managers, arts institutions, government agencies, universities, conservatories, schools and other dance companies to foster cultural outreach and mutual understanding. 

Battery Dance Company’s international mission is fueled by the belief that dancers can span geographic, linguistic and cultural borders through bilateral exchange. They share inspiration and advance mutual understanding among their communities while aspiring to transcend political and social ills. 

The exchange process enriches the artists who gain new sources for creative exploration and dynamic interchange with their colleagues abroad. The public shares in the fruits of these collaborations through access to performances, television broadcasts and outreach activities such as workshops, master classes and seminars.

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