Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
January 2014

Battery Dance Company (BDC) was awarded via RFP from the U.S. Embassy Port of Spain to conduct the 1st Dancing to Connect program in Trinidad and Tobago. The 1-week tour was characterized by a two-pronged approach with a high visibility marquee performance coupled with outreach programs targeting undeserved and stigmatized youth.


  • January 19 - 26, 2014


    • U.S. Embassy Port of Spain
    • The Robert Sterling Clark Foundation


    • Little Carib Theatre
    • Vision on Mission
    • The University of Trinidad and Tobago

    Project Activities

    • 3 Dancing to Connect Workshops– 63 Participants
    • 3 Master Class and Career Lecture – 40 Participants
    • 1 Public Performance – c. 200 Audience Members


    • National Academy for the Performing Arts
    • Little Carib Theatre


  • CCN TV6 Interview
  • The Guardian: "Dancing to Connect"
  • Trinidad Express: "Dancing to Connect"

  • Trinidad is laid back and generally tardy. The people are friendly, but slow to get motivated. Personal relationships are valued and visiting and talking is necessary before negotiating business. People talk a lot, animatedly, constantly, loudly, and colorfully.

    Complications arose at the stage rehearsal and final performance. There was a real lack of communication. In fact, another show had been scheduled for the same time as ours!! It was unclear about what is needed for a live dance performance. There was no stage manager or any tech workers and therefore, no one to “call” the show or communicate with the lighting designer and sound person from backstage. Fortunately, all involved were very pleased with the final outcome, only we knew how it could have been better.