The Importance of Maintaining a Press Archive

Delhi, India

Battery Dance Company's 1995 trip to India was one of its earliest and most extensive trips. It was the third annual tour in what would evolve into over a decade of tours in India. Below are some of the press quotes from the 1995 trip. It is important that a reliable archive of media clippings be created and archived after each trip. These can be essential when applying for funding to support future tours.

1995 India Quotes

India Press, 1995

Femina Magazine - Hima Devi

"Once in a while, and only once, comes choreography with the lyrical beauty of Moonbeam: a breathless, magical moment in the history of dance."

SRUTI - Nala Najan

“Hollander possesses a sensitive awareness of the substrata of the stage and a deft control of those dimensional kinships between earth and air-space into which the body travels with endless surprise.”

India Currents (U.S.) - Jyothi Kiran

Battery Dance Company artistic director Jonathan Hollander boldly goes where most men generally don't dare: into the world of dance... Hollander soars beyond the limits of tradition in his production "PURUSH: Expressions of Man.".

The Economic Times (Calcutta) - Sunil Kothari

"the romantic adagio drifts on at a hypnotic pace after bringing a man and woman together; a moment of transforma¬tion from lonely yearnings to fulfillment."

Economic Times (Madras) - R. Gowri

"(Hollander's) Testimony to Nataraja was a separate American entity, with no material or spiritual connection to the Indian segment. What it did, however, was to reveal quality of a kind rarely achieved in Indian performances; disciplined purposes, faultless rendition.... The music composed and performed by Badal Roy on the tabla and Ken Wessel on the guitar set up intense moods... the dancers Kevin Predmore and John Freeman achieved so many (rhythms) in their movements. Their leashed power forced viewers to sit up."

Indian Express Sunday Magazine (Madras) - Vasanthi Sankanarayanan

"The feel of water, the occasional eddies and whirlpools, the rhythmic rowing of boats, the water spirit flitting across, the mys¬terious night blue aura of the underwater world. Interspersed with staccato tabla beats punctuating and guiding the movements." "Lovers, lonely in a fierce world, seeking out each other, entering the quiet, tranquil world of a moonbeam, cocooned by its sil¬ver glow, protected from a world of violence beyond, reflected the pathos, uncertainty and the occasional glimmer of hope."

The Hindu (Madras) - Nandini Ramani

"Both the dancers exhibited perfection, precision and total involvement in their work. Special patterns and rhythmical structures and a variety of movements depicting grace and elegance, marked this presentation, sometimes even including some of the Karanas or stances of Nataraja. ... A joyful blend of music and movement."