Vishakhapatnam, India

Visakhapatnam, India

Be authoritative without losing your cool.

Vishakhapatnam, or Vizag as everyone calls it, is a port city on the Bay of Bengal. Even though it is unknown to most Americans, the city has a population similar to the size of Chicago. BDC's arrival there was greeted with a brass band and floral garlands. The company found a lovely intimate theater ready for their performance; however, lighting equipment was sparse and poorly focused.

Take-away: Be authoritative without losing your cool.

The Company learned this lesson the hard way. The local crew in the theater constituted a few well-meaning but unskilled helpers. BDC had a very tight schedule because Indian theaters tend to book in 3 hours shifts - with dance school recitals, political rallies, religious ceremonies and musical concerts changing over in rapid succession. BDC's technical director Janet Clancy was rushing against the clock to get the few lights focused as well as to illuminate the stage. Hollander instructed the theater manager to keep the doors locked until the company gave the signal that the audience could enter. This instruction fell on deaf ears. Janet, in her work garb of cut-off jeans and cowboy boots, was on top of a ladder, finishing up the focus (if you could call it that) when the bejeweled, sari- and dhoti-clad audience members began filing into the theater.

Hollander dragged the theater manager out behind the building and gave him a tongue lashing, but the harm was already done. Janet and the company were humiliated but the audience seemed to take it all in stride.

The next day, Hollander had voice and lots of pain in my throat. He asked to go to the doctor who dutifully examined his throat and in a kindly voice, said, “You must stop screaming!” Jonathan: “How do you know that I’ve been screaming?” Doctor: “Your throat is completely lacerated.

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