Słupsk, Poland

Slupsk, Poland
June 2000

Battery Dance Company worked and performed here in 2000.


  • June 21 – July 11, 2000 (Part of BDC's Poland tour in 2000)


    • U.S. Embassy Warsaw
    • Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust


    • Warsaw Marriot
    • LOT Polish Airlines
    • Joanna Kubacka, the Deputy Director of the Teatr Impresaryjny

    Project Activities

    • Performance at the Teatr Impresaryjny to audience of 500.
    • Extensive print media attention (photos and previews in four newspapers, rave reviews in three), local public and cable television coverage and radio spots


  • Teatr Impresaryjny

  • Learn From Past Experiences

    Battery Dance Companies visit to Warsaw in 2000 was a success thanks to past experience.

    The company had performed in the same Region during 1996 and received no publicity. This time, the company used their media representative to ensure that this would not happen again.

    Slupsk had been the site of Battery’s first Polish performance in 1996, and we harbored fond memories of the standing ovation and rhythmic applause that had greeted a performance only 20 hours after our arrival at Teatr Impresaryjny.

    Joanna Kubacka, the Deputy Director of the Teatr Impresaryjny, is a powerhouse organizer and very creative and ambitious in her programming. She took care of all arrangements for our stay in Slupsk, had our meals preordered at a very good restaurant near the theater and arranged for our accommodations in rooms recently renovated in a building adjacent to the theater itself.

    The stage in Slupsk was a little small (in width) for our production, but we managed to shoe-horn the choreography into the space. As for the audience, it was overflowing the theater and gave us as enthusiastic response as we had enjoyed in 1996. This time, the press coverage was extensive and rapturous (there had been no press follow-up in the previous engagement.)

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