Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger, Norway
June 2002


  • June 6 -10, 2002


  • Citibank Norway
  • The American Scandinavian Foundation
  • Stavanger Konserthus
  • Rica Forum Hotel
  • Ogilvy PR Worldwide


  • Carte Blanche: The Norwegian Company of Contemporary Dance

    Project Activities

    • 2 Master Class taught to students aged 18-22
    • 1 Performance of Used Car Salesman at Stavanger Konserthus, by Battery Dance Company (Choreographed by Jonathan Hollander)
    • 1 Performance of Mother Goose at Stavanger Konserthus, by Battery Dance Company (Choreographed by Jonathan Hollander)
    • 1 Performance of Layaprya at Stavanger Konserthus, by Battery Dance Company (Choreographed by Jonathan Hollander)
    • 1 Reception Hosted by Citibank
  • Publicity

    There was a Journalists' strike in Norway the week before Battery Dance Company was to perform at Stavanger Konserthus. Fortunately, a audience of 150 attended the event thanks to the efforts made by Konserthuset.

    Journalist strikes can happen unexpectedly and at anytime. Asking the performance venue to increase publicity in these instances can help to decrease the chance of a very small audience.

    BDC dancers Mariella Rietschel and Tadej Brdnik taught two master classes to a full group of students (intermediate level). The classes, which generated an overwhelming interest from the local dance community, helped Battery reach out to the 18-22 year-old audience, and invest in a long-term relation with the “upcoming” dance scene in Stavanger.

    Siri Dybwik, choreographer and professor at the University of Stavanger, who coordinated the workshop locally, was equally pleased about the outcome of our collaboration, and offered to coordinate more activities for Battery Dance Company in the region in the future.

    Battery Dance Company brought American modern dance to Stavanger audiences, and presented 3 works by Jonathan Hollander in the Company’s Norwegian debut. The Company received a steady, warm applause at the end of the performance, which looked beautifully executed and produced in the elegant venue.

    In addition to the performance, Battery Dance Company taught 2 masterclasses to local Norwegian Students. Many of the students also attended the performance at Stavanger Konserthus.

    Despite an unforeseen and unprecedented journalists’ strike, which harmed good publicity before the event, the performance was attended by over 150 people thanks to the efforts made by Konserthuset. The audience was mainly from Stavanger, but also comprised staff and guests from the Rica Forum Hotel, our local sponsor, as well as VIP guests from Citibank Norway, who especially made the trip from Oslo.

    The president of Citibank Norway, hosted a reception in honor of Battery in one of the foyers at Stavanger Concert Hall. About 20 Citibank managers and Citibank clients attended, along with all Battery dancers. Mr. Drangsholt invited Sven Van Damme, Battery Dance Company’s tour manager, to make a speech about the Company and Battery’s mission. Citibank was extremely pleased and is looking forward to seeing Battery return to Norway. Alain Fassotte, producer of Carte Blanche, was publicly introduced to everyone at the reception.