Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje, Macedonia

Battery Dance Company’s program in Macedonia featured a Dancing to Connect program with ethnically-mixed groups in local public schools with an intended outreach of 100 participants. BDC also Performed Autobiographica and led master classes here as part of the annual Skopje Dance Festival


  • April 7 -13, 2013


  • U.S. Embassy Macedonia
  • Skopje Dance Fest

    Performance Information

  • Length of Show: 70 minutes (no intermission)
  • Dancers: Robin Cantrell, Mira Cook, Clement Mensah, Carmen Nicole, Sean Scantlebury
  • Choreography: Bafana Matea, Carmen Nicole, Mira Cook, Sean Scantlebury, Robin Cantrell
  • Artistic Director: Jonathan Hollander
  • Lighting and Videography: Barry Steele
  • Technical Direction and Lighting Supervision: G. Benjamin Swope
  • Tour Manager: Emad Salem